Dr Kleinherne


The law firm, Kanzlei Dr Kleinherne, with its focus on inheritance law, was established in 2001. The areas of practice comprise the entire law of inheritance and legitime with particular areas of specialization:

  • Execution of wills as a certified executor of wills
  • Planning and implementation of succession
  • Consulting for private persons regarding inheritance and gift tax

By specializing in these areas, the law firm offers its clients competent legal advice and representation. In legal proceedings in inheritance matters and disputes before civil courts I am authorized to represent clients in all local and district courts as well as all intermediate courts of appeal in Germany.

The law firm's clients include especially private persons, family businesses and general partnerships in various sectors.

As a Attorney at Law I provide not only the professional expertise from my former activities in an international firm of auditors and tax consultants, but also my professional experience as a notary's locum in a large notary's office and my many years of experience as the managing director of a family enterprise.

Approach to consulting

The aim of my services is to work out long-term, feasible results for the task given to me.
In doing this I am guided, above all, by an efficient way of working and trusting collaboration with my clients in their interests.

As a service provider with very high quality standards for my legal activities, for me it is a matter of course to participate in all relevant further professional training courses.
Under the heading of activities here on my web site you can gain a quick overview and also an impression of whether the topics of interest to you are covered.

The strong point of the Kanzlei Dr Kleinherne is the strict orientation of the work toward the concrete needs that you lay down as client. In each situation, including difficult ones, the aim is to attain together economically sensible solutions.

This client-oriented approach to consulting is complemented by working together efficiently in trusting collaboration.


Trusting partnership and economically optimal solutions are the trademark of the Kanzlei Dr Kleinherne.