Inheritance law, legitime law, succession planning, execution of wills

Dealing with matters concerning inheritance law

The main tasks of a Attorney at Law active in inheritance law comprise:

  • Legal advice on inheritance for private persons and family businesses
  • Drawing up wills
  • Drawing up contracts for anticipated succession
  • Working out concepts for managing legitimes
  • Working out and implementing business succession plans
  • Setting up foundations

as well as all other legal aids supporting the testator in shaping his or her succession planning.

If the testator is already deceased, the lawyer will advise and represent relatives with their many questions.
Not infrequently it is the case that in this phase some of the drawbacks of inheritance law already become apparent:

The expectations of legal heirs to receive an appropriate portion of the estate are frequently disappointed, resulting in disputes over inheritance and legitime which can lead even as far as hostilities among family members and, associated with this, a breakdown in family structures.

In this situation occasionally more than solely legal advice is called for.

Only with stalwart trust, openness toward clients and discretion toward the outside can this phase of dealing with questions of inheritance under law be successfully concluded for all those involved.

Winding up estates

Apart from the tasks of dealing with inheritance matters in advance, my law firm supports clients in all areas of winding up estates.The main tasks of my activities with deceased estates include:

  • Inheritance disputes
  • Execution of wills
  • Procedures related to the certificate of inheritance
  • Auctions for dividing estates
  • Asserting or repulsing:
    • legitime claims
    • claims to inheritance
    • legacies

In overarching questions concerning inheritance, especially in connection with taxation and company law, I co-operate as needs be with tax consultants, auditors and notaries who are known to me as competent and reliable on the basis of years of experience.

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