Dr. jur. Heribert J. Kleinherne

About me

On opening my law firm in 2001 I specialized in the law of inheritance after I had managed a family enterprise for a decade as the managing director.

Since 2007 I have been a Lawyer Specialized in Inheritance Law, an official professional title that has been awarded by the relevant Bar Association since July 2005.

I am authorized to represent clients in all local and district courts, as well as all intermediate courts of appeal in Germany as legal counsel. Especially in inheritance disputes, this is important because of the different places of residence of the prospective heirs and the testator’s last place of residence.

Fees / costs:

According to the RVG (Lawyers' Remuneration Act), Lawyers are supposed to aim at an agreement on fees in matters of consultation outside court.
In practice, in my view, the following forms of remuneration have proven themselves to be sensible:

  • Agreements on fees according to hourly rates
  • Agreements to modify the statutory fees
  • Lump sum fees, as long as they are temporally restricted

In my law firm, this subject is usually discussed in detail at the first consultation. You can gain an overview of the statutory scheme of fees on the web site of the German Bar Association.

The Allianz Rechtsschutz-Service GmbH provides a free Shareware Program© for calculating fees at its web site web site Allianz Rechtsschutz-Service GmbH.

Further professional training:

In order to fulfil my obligations to clients and to be able to optimally solve the tasks given to me, as a Attorney at Law for Inheritance Law I am bound to engage in continuing professional training in my area of specialization.

Dr. jur. Heribert J. Kleinherne

Dr. jur. Heribert J. Kleinherne

By clicking on the appropriate logo, you will gain access to the web sites of the Centre for Business Succession at the University of Mannheim — zentUma —, the Institute for Inheritance Law — IfE —, a Europe-wide association of specialists in the area of inheritance law and inheritance taxation law, or the German Association for Inheritance Law and Succession Planning — DVEV.



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