On further professional training


  • 22. - 23.04. legal form of companies under consideration of succession, digital estate, updates to the inheritance tax reform, the international business family, usufruct in the contract practice, the minor in succession law, 10th. Anniversary IFE 2016 in Würzburg
  • 21.9.2016: Last will and inheritance, lecture by RA Dr. Heribert J. Kleinherne for "Kindernothilfe e V." in Mönchengladbach
  • 18.11.2016 Update inheritance law: provisional succession and reversionary inheritance, matrimonial property regime and inheritance law, succession cases with implementations of foreign law, choice of inheritance law, inheritance legitimation and enduring power of attorney for personal care , Zircel Seminar in Essen
  • 24 11. 2016 The design of wills, contracts for the relinquishment of inheritance and statutory shares, marriage contracts as well as enduring power of attorney for personal care with international references, DVEV seminar in Cologne


  • 06 November — Drawing up inheritance agreements and wills, IfE workshop in Cologne
  • 24-25 April — Wills for the disabled, execution of wills, rural inheritance law, Italian inheritance law, current taxation law, annual meeting of the IfE in Mainz
  • 20 March — Crash course in the law of legitime, DAI seminar in Cologne


  • 16-17 October — Real-estate valuation in Majorca, introduction to Spanish inheritance law, international taxation law, European Inheritance Law Ordinance, IfE seminar in Palma de Mallorca
  • 03 June — Divorce and separation in inheritance brief, DAI seminar in Düsseldorf


  • 26 November — Estate tax in inheritance brief, DAI seminar in Düsseldorf
  • 22 November — Renunciation of inheritance and legitime, current judgements, IfE workshop in Cologne
  • 04 June — International inheritance law, DAI seminar in Düsseldorf


  • 22 November — Concepts for successful business succession planning, DAI seminar in Düsseldorf
  • 24 May — Liability dangers in inheritance law, DAI seminar in Düsseldorf


  • 25 November — Valuation of landed property according to the Real Estate Valuation Ordinance, IfE workshop in Düsseldorf
  • 11-12 November — Course in executing wills with final written examination and certificate, DVEV course in Neuss
  • 8-9 April — Reversionary succession clauses in taxation law, provisional succession and reversionary succession, German estate in Spain, untaxed income in estate, joint heirs and auctions to divide estate, binding effect of joint wills, annual meeting of the IfE in Hamburg


  • 26 May — Spouses' inheritance law and maintenance, DAS seminar in Düsseldorf
  • 16 March — Problems in criminal law around inheritance, DVEV seminar in Mannheim


  • 18 September — Auctions to divide estates in family and inheritance law, Zorn seminar in Düsseldorf
  • 27-28 March — Reform of inheritance taxation and succession for businesses and real estate, questions regarding taxation in executing wills, minors in business succession, annual meeting of the IfE in Bad Nauheim


  • 10 December — Valuation of real estate in view of the reform of inheritance tax, IfE workshop in Stuttgart
  • 16 June — Valuation of real estate/reform of inheritance tax, IfE seminar in Eschborn
  • 09 April — Current developments in national and international inheritance taxation, IfE workshop in Düsseldorf
  • 29 February-1 March — Reform of inheritance tax, changes to the valuation act, company assets, savings accounts in deceased estates, reversionary succession clauses in company contracts, MoMiG (Law for the Modernization of German Limited Liability Company Law and the Prevention of its Abuse) effects on inheritance clauses in company contracts, selected problems in cases of renunciation contracts, annual meeting of the IfE in Würzburg


  • 16 October — Administering assets for foundations, assessing capital-investment products for inheritance tax and gift tax, planning asset succession and consequences under inheritance law, strategic asset management, investors' day on inheritance law, Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt
  • 17 April — Business succession planning in inheritance taxation law, current issues in the reform of legitime, renunciation of legitime, acquisition in good faith of shares in a limited liability company after the Law for the Modernization of German Limited Liability Company Law and the Prevention of its Abuse, business succession planning meeting in zentUma at the University of Mannheim


  • Course of study in business succession planning with final written examination and certificate, zentUma, University of Mannheim


  • July-August 2005 — Legitime law in judgements handed down by the Federal Supreme Court and the Federal Constitutional Court, legitime supplement and compensation, problems of proof in inheritance law, binding effect of spouses' wills, rights of heirs before decease, dissonance between insolvency law and inheritance law, symposium on inheritance law, DVEV in Heidelberg


  • Specialized course in inheritance law to attain the official professional title, Fachanwalt für Erbrecht (Solicitor Specialized in Inheritance Law); written examinations after the introduction of the official specialization for solicitors in 2006 and 2007; award of the official professional title, Fachanwalt für Erbrecht, by the Düsseldorf Bar Association on 14 March 2007

Hong Kong

Further professional training in all questions concerning national and international inheritance law is a matter of course for me.

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